I am trying to create, manage and pay for Facebook marketing campaigns all via APIs. How can I set up the payment methods for those campaigns that I have created thru Facebook marketing API? Is there a popup dialog or an endpoint that can accept and/or store a payment method in facebook for these campaigns to bill the charges so that I can run the ads? I don't want to explicitly open any facebook's UI only to set up the payment methods. A popup dialog or a redirect would be fine.

Please guide me, I am lost in their documentations.


I have figured out the solution. You need to include and use Facebook Javascript SDK and call the FB.ui() on an event. This function will take three properties and a callback.

function triggerPaymentDialog(){
      account_id: ‘<ACCOUNT-ID>’,
      display: 'popup',
      method: 'ads_payment',
      function(response) {
       // use response 
       // if (response && !response.error_message).......

It will open a popup on top of your app that will flow the user to either use any existing payment method on file with facebook or let the user add a new payment method to pay for campaigns.

Further details can be found here https://developers.facebook.com/docs/marketing-apis/guides/javascript-ads-dialog-for-payments/

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