I have download template project from aspnetboilerplate and run successfully. Actually, I want to check what will happen when creating a new tenant with connectiong string, so i clicked the add button in Tenants page, and a form popup. I filled out all the fields of the form,and the content of connectiong string field is "Server=localhost\SqlExpress; Database=Test1DB; Trusted_Connection=True;", then click ok. No errors, the tenant created successfully. But it seems that abp framework does't careate Test1DB automatically.

I checked AbpTenant table, found that the content of ConnectiongString column of the new crated tenant is null! So, I add a break point in TenantServiceApp.CrateAsync, create a third tenant, check the CreateTenantDto input parameter. It's strange that the value of input's ConnectionString property is null!

I guess this is the reason that abp does't crate tenant db automatically, but i can't figure it out why the input's connectiong string property value is null, giving that i filled the connection string field when creating new tenant...

Any help will be appreciated!

ps: the verison of abp is 6.5.0


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