I using TextField in my flutter app. It worked on on android. but on ios when I try to paste from the clipboard into the field I get the error:

 No CupertinoLocalizations found.
_CupertinoTextSelectionControlsToolbar widgets require CupertinoLocalizations to be provided by a Localizations widget ancestor.
The cupertino library uses Localizations to generate messages, labels, and abbreviations.
To introduce a CupertinoLocalizations, either use a CupertinoApp at the root of your application to include them automatically, 
The specific widget that could not find a CupertinoLocalizations ancestor was: _CupertinoTextSelectionControlsToolbar

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This is part of my code, main page:

return Localizations(
  locale: Locale('en'),
  delegates: [
  child: CupertinoTabScaffold(
     tabBar: CupertinoTabBar(...)

in each tabs I use this page:

 return MaterialApp(
 navigatorKey: navKey,    
 home: child,);

I have separate navigation in each tab.

how do I fix this? any ideas? I will be grateful


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You can try to add a delegate of GlobalCupertinoLocalizations instead of DefaultCupertinoLocalizations into your delegates:

delegates: [
  // DefaultCupertinoLocalizations.delegate,
  GlobalCupertinoLocalizations.delegate, // Here !


You may need to add supportedLocales too.

supportedLocales: [
   const Locale('en'), // English
   // const Locale('de'), // German, etc.   
  • Thank you, it working with GlobalCupertinoLocalizations
    – FetFrumos
    Nov 22, 2021 at 14:40
  • Thanks! Works for me!
    – Leo
    Jan 12 at 10:45

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