I know that you can match on multiple relationships in Neo4j, like this example in the docs:

MATCH (wallstreet {title: 'Wall Street'})<-[:ACTED_IN|:DIRECTED]-(person)
RETURN person.name

which returns nodes with an ACTED_IN or DIRECTED relationship to 'Wall Street'.

However, is there a way to get the type of the relationship in this query? That is, I would like to return not only the name, but also which relationship applies to him/her, in order to see if it was the ACTED_IN, or the DIRECTED relationship that caused the result to be output.

You can do the equivalent here:

MATCH (:Person {name: 'Oliver Stone'})-[r]->(movie)
RETURN type(r)

but that's just matching on any relationship. I would like to do this, but only with the two relationships specified in the clause.



You no longer need additional colons in between valid edge types you are querying. otherwise you can use the variable just like you did in the unspecific edge case:

MATCH (:Movie{title: 'The Matrix'})<-[r:ACTED_IN|DIRECTED]-(person)
RETURN type(r), person.name
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    awesome thanks so much, this was exactly the syntax I was looking for!
    – Evan
    Nov 23 '21 at 1:57

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