I'm trying to highlight a matched substring in a searchable array of strings. I'm pretty close I think, just that last bit is not working.

I display an array of strings. When I type in an input the substrings in the array are supposed to get highlighted (using <mark></mark>) when matched with the input. The matching works ok but instead of highlighted text I get [object Object] instead. So this is the part of code in question (it sits in Jsx inside a .map() method:

  {item.matched.length > 0
    ? item.name.replace(new RegExp(inputText, 'gi'), (match) => (
    : item.name}

The item is an element of the array that I'm mapping and has two properties: name & matched. matched is either empty or contains the typed search pattern if part or all of name matches it. And this is what I'm getting when typing into text box:

enter image description here

So clearly the search and match work correctly and look what I get: [object Object] instead of highlighted search pattern. I've tried to return a template string, like that backquote<mark>${match}</mark>backquote, but that results in displaying <mark>a</mark> in my example.

So I'm at loss here and any constructive feedback will be greatly appreciated.


we should render at in html

<div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{ __html: (item.matched.length > 0
    ? item.name.replace(new RegExp(inputText, 'gi'), (match) => {
        return `<span>${match}</span>`
    : item.name) }}>
  • Wow, thanks! That was quick and it works too ;-) I still don't understand why my solution wasn't working but hey, I've just learned something new. Thank you.
    – Voytek
    Nov 23 '21 at 3:58

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