I was searching about python concurrent.futures module's method 'wait' and I could find this information from python official docs...

concurrent.futures.wait(fs, timeout=None, return_when=ALL_COMPLETED)

Wait for the Future instances (possibly created by different Executor instances) given by fs to complete. Returns a named 2-tuple of sets. The first set, named done, contains the futures that completed (finished or cancelled futures) before the wait completed. The second set, named not_done, contains the futures that did not complete (pending or running futures).

and I found some example codes about concurrent.futures.wait, and could see something mysterious for me...

result = concurrent.futures.wait(futures, timeout=7) ## We are waiting for 7 seconds
print('Completed Tasks : '+str(result.done))
print('Pending ones after waiting for 7 seconds : '+str(result.not_done))
print([future.result() for future in result.done])
here, I could see str(result.done) and str(result.not_done),

in the code, done and not_done works as methods and return set of completed and uncompleted future...

I couldn't find any information about the use of done and not_done like methods....

How does it work?

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