I have basic problem with Haskell but I'm pretty new that's way struggled extremely already I have got limited knowledge related haskell (before this I did deal with C root with languages) so far I explaıned myself

Imagine that we have such that list on String format in haskell ["2","76","564"] so I desire to convert Integer [2,76,564] something like that.(I did )

after I need to sum of all list element

2+76+564 = 642 stopped in this part

convert::  [String] -> [Int]
convert = map read
convert (xs:x)= x + convert xs

How can I calculate after that I convert part.


Your convert does not makes much sense: it has two clauses where the first clause has no parameter and the second one has one parameter. It is sufficient to implement convert as:

convert :: [String] -> [Int]
convert = map read

You can then calculate the sum with sum :: (Foldable f, Num a) => f a -> a:

convertSum :: [String] -> Int
convertSum = sum . convert

We can also implement convertSum with recursion in that case it looks like:

convertSum :: [String] -> Int
convertSum [] = …
convertSum (x:xs) = read x + …

where I leave implementing the parts as an exercise.

  • I considered what you said but some points still grey in my mind (not certain) you mentioned unproper func. and unsufficient parameter no problem so far but calling function part apperently not okay for me i.imgur.com/h7pUv4a.png ---convert.sum-- why I created 3 different function tag ?
    – 01d
    Nov 24 at 21:17
  • @01d: a function has a signature which is something like convert :: [String] -> [Int] that specifies the types of the input and output, and a function implementation, like convert = map read. You should not implement sum that is one that is exposed by the Prelude, it is thus a function that you can use. Nov 24 at 21:19
  • as far as convert process not literally convert does not hold integer value in list , just convert integer. I'm thinking if I hold fully integer I could manipulated easily but I get error message always when I compile.I realized I have not enough pratice but something standing in my mind still.
    – 01d
    Nov 24 at 21:54
  • @01d: here convert produces a list of Ints, hence [Int]. convertSum on the other hand returns the sum, so an Int. Nov 24 at 21:56

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