With following code I want to combine map with state and keep Expr as state, but it mandates me to keep things inverse, so Expr must be result, and [[]] must be state, or gives me compilation error. any means to make it work my way ?

import Control.Lens (Traversal', mapMOf)

data Elem = E1 | E2 | X1 | Y2
data Expr = StrConst T.Text | PathConst (Maybe (Expr)) [T.Text] | FilterConst [Expr]

traversalXExpr :: Traversal' Expr Expr
traversalXExpr f = \case
  PathConst ptype cond steps -> X.PathConst ptype <$> traverse f cond <*> pure steps
  FilterConst exs -> FilterConst <$> traverse f exs
  x -> pure x

findNodesS :: Elem -> Expr -> [[Elem]]
findNodesS el xexpr = evalState (mapMOf traversalXExpr (processNodeS el) xexpr) []

processNodeS :: Elem -> Expr -> State Expr [[Elem]] 
processNodeS x y = undefined

This doesn't compile:

Couldn't match type ‘Expr -> State Expr [[Elem]]’
with ‘Control.Monad.Trans.State.Lazy.StateT [a0] Data.Functor.Identity.Identity Expr’

But compiles nicely with processNodeS :: ... State [[Elem]] Expr

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    What are you expecting mapMOf to do with the [[Elem]]s that get returned from processNodeS? Normally mapMOf replaces each of the elements visited during the traversal with the value returned from the callback function (processNodeS). But that can't work here, since you have to replace an Expr with an Expr, not replace an Expr with a [[Elem]]. Nov 25 at 0:06
  • I want to traverse my Expr ADT as tree, I tried to do it with Traversable, but it requires ADT to have param (like Expr a) but I don't need it here
    – Dfr
    Nov 25 at 12:48
  • 1
    I don't think that comment actually addresses the question I asked. Nov 25 at 14:35
  • I rely on this feature: cloudnative.ly/haskell-mapping-with-state-7a07e3c2cbf9. So I want to do foldmap or just map (not sure yet) with posssibility to access some state inside map function.
    – Dfr
    Nov 25 at 14:57

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