This code was working fine.

I don't know if it's because I upgraded to Node v17 or what but now I get TypeError [ERR_IMPORT_ASSERTION_TYPE_MISSING]: Module "file:///Users/xxxxx/code/projects/xxxxx/dist/server/data/countries.json" needs an import assertion of type "json" `

In my api.ts I have:

import countryTable from './data/countries.json';

Here's how I start api.ts which is used by server.ts:

"NODE_ENV=production node --optimize_for_size --trace-warnings --experimental-json-modules --no-warnings server/server.js"

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You will need to use:

import countryTable from "./data/countries.json" assert {type: "json"};


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    Import assertions were introduced in node v17.1.0 according to this, but became required after v17.5.0 (related to this change:github.com/nodejs/node/pull/40785). Import assertions address a security concern (v8.dev/features/import-assertions) about trusting cross-origin imports.
    – pbatey
    Mar 21 at 23:07
  • Thanks! You just saved me a world of trouble understanding why a code that worked fine yesterday suddenly stopped working! I actually needed the second version detailed in GitHub, but you saved me a world of hurt! Mar 31 at 10:45

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