I'm developing an android app with voice control functionality in focus which I'd like to publish on google play store as a hands-free app. It can currently look up a contact then call it or send sms. However, whenever I submit it for review it gets rejected saying that:

Requested permissions do not match core functionality of the app. You declared In-vehicle hands-free use and projected display as the core functionality of your app. However, after review, we found that your app does not match the declared use case(s). You need to ensure that your app no longer uses SEND_SMS; failure to do so could result in the removal of your app and may impact your developer account.

No matter how I ask the reviewers, they just don't get that I don't want to remove that permission but rather develop the app in a way so that it fits the use-case.

Does anyone know any doc that describes the critera of the hands-free use case for an android app?

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