I am teaching myself python and have a function called mysqltimedcheck()

This executes a very basic mySQL SELECT statement and returns the rowcount.

If i cange the value of 'shown' from 0 to 1 in the mysql table (while the script is running) for example the rowcount does not change.

I can see when debugging that it reruns the cursor.execute line again but still prints an old value

here is my function:

def mysqltimedcheck():
    cursor = mydb.cursor(buffered=True) 
    window.after(1500, mysqltimedcheck)
    cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM alerts WHERE shown =  0") 
    rc = cursor.rowcount

If i restart my test application then it pulls the correct rowcount value but changing this value while running does not show as correct.

I feel im missing something very basic.

Thanks for your help

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    does the execution return the correct value for shown=0? Also, could you maybe try adding mydb.commit() just in case. 2 days ago
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    @LabibaKanij yes it does, i have two rows with shown = 0 when i run the function the output is 2 , when i change one of the rows to 1 the rowcount is still 2. If i restart the script it then correctly pulls 1.... THANKYOU the mydb.commit worked! Submit it as an answer and i will mark it as correct. 2 days ago

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