I was trying to understand the LSTM Class in the Keras library and the more I understand, the more I do not. Initially, I assumed that units in tf.keras.layers.LSTM(units) ( https://keras.io/api/layers/recurrent_layers/lstm/ ) referred to the number of timesteps, but then I was wrong. In this website (https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/58854907), the person says that We do not explicitly assign the number of timesteps in the definition of LSTM layer, but LSTM layer knows how many times it should repeat itself once it is applied to input X that has Tx in its shape. Does that mean that in one to many approach the algorithm does not loop itself for multiple time steps, as the feature information is available for only the first time step? Because, the shape would be (None,1, Number_of_Features). How would the LSTM layer understand that there could be multiple timestep outputs and loop accordingly?

Sorry if the question is not structured properly, and thanks in advance for any answer :)

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