I am trying to configure Thymeleaf Html page with Spring MVC. I have controller method from which I am trying to return he thymeleaf template html page. Its existing project which uses spring mvc + tiles.I need to integrate thymeleaf in to existing project. The template Engine is autowired which is coming from different Jar file. I have provided configuration below. I am not getting any exception but getting Page Not found when I try to load the page.

IS it possible to have one flow which resolves view with Tiles + Jps and another flow with Thymeleaf template. how can I achieve it .

   public class ConfigController {

    TemplateEngine templateEngine; // This class is coming from different jar and I have 
                                    //autowired. xml configuration is provided for reference
    @PostConstruct   // Changes needs to apply only to certain class so I am using 
                        //postconstruct method in controller 
                        // where I need to use thymeleaf template. 
    public void Init() {
        SpringResourceTemplateResolver templateResolver = new SpringResourceTemplateResolver();


        ThymeleafViewResolver resolver = new ThymeleafViewResolver();
    @RequestMapping(value = "/view") // controller method where I am redirecting thymeleaf 
    public String  viewTemplate(){      
        return "thymeleaf";


<bean id="thymeleafProcessor" class="com.java.ThymeleafTemplateProcessor">
    <property name="templateEngine" ref="templateEngine"/>

<bean id="htmlStringTemplateResolver" class="org.thymeleaf.templateresolver.StringTemplateResolver">
    <property name="templateMode" value="HTML" />
    <property name="cacheable" value="true" />

<bean id="templateEngine" class="org.thymeleaf.spring4.SpringTemplateEngine">
    <property name="enableSpringELCompiler" value="true" />
    <property name="templateResolvers">
            <ref bean="htmlStringTemplateResolver" />

Project Structure :

            - thymeleaf.html




Can you please guide me how can I load the Page. I have referred documentation of thymeleaf ThymeleafDocumetation Tutorial

I have followed some examples but couldnt find much difference. I appreciate your help. Jordan

  • @ndrone can you guys guide me for it.. its similar problem which you discussed. Need to integrate thymeleaf html page. existing code uses tiles + jsps.
    – Jordan
    Commented Nov 27, 2021 at 21:08
  • @Harmeet Singh Taara
    – Jordan
    Commented Nov 27, 2021 at 21:08

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I have found the solution how to make it work for Jsp , HTML and Thymeleaf template together. Thank you

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