# lstm model
import tensorflow as tf
from numpy import mean
from numpy import std
from numpy import dstack
from pandas import read_csv
from tensorflow.keras.models import Sequential
from tensorflow.keras.layers import Dense
from tensorflow.keras.layers import Flatten
from tensorflow.keras.layers import Dropout
from tensorflow.keras.layers import LSTM
from tensorflow.keras.utils import to_categorical
from matplotlib import pyplot

When i run this cell iam getting the below error, I am using jupyter notebook using anaconda, using anaconda every packages will be installed related to python but in this it is showing regarding tensorflow problem while the importing libraries, I am using latest version of python 3.9,would anyone help to resolve the issue

TypeError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
~\AppData\Local\Temp/ipykernel_10616/748904884.py in <module>
       1 # lstm model
 ----> 2 import tensorflow as tf
       3 from numpy import mean
       4 from numpy import std
       5 from numpy import dstack

~\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python39\site-packages\tensorflow\__init__.py in <module>
      39 import sys as _sys
 ---> 41 from tensorflow.python.tools import module_util as _module_util
      42 from tensorflow.python.util.lazy_loader import LazyLoader as _LazyLoader

~\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python39\site-packages\tensorflow\python\__init__.py in <module>
     45 # Bring in subpackages.
---> 46 from tensorflow.python import data
     47 from tensorflow.python import distribute
     48 # from tensorflow.python import keras

~\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python39\site-packages\tensorflow\python\data\__init__.py in <module>
     24 # pylint: disable=unused-import
---> 25 from tensorflow.python.data import experimental
     26 from tensorflow.python.data.ops.dataset_ops import AUTOTUNE
     27 from tensorflow.python.data.ops.dataset_ops import Dataset

   in <module>
     97 # pylint: disable=unused-import
---> 98 from tensorflow.python.data.experimental import service
     99 from tensorflow.python.data.experimental.ops.batching import dense_to_ragged_batch
    100 from tensorflow.python.data.experimental.ops.batching import dense_to_sparse_batch

  packages\tensorflow\python\data\experimental\service\__init__.py in <module>
    372 from __future__ import print_function
--> 374 from tensorflow.python.data.experimental.ops.data_service_ops import distribute
    375 from tensorflow.python.data.experimental.ops.data_service_ops import from_dataset_id
    376 from tensorflow.python.data.experimental.ops.data_service_ops import register_dataset

 packages\tensorflow\python\data\experimental\ops\data_service_ops.py in <module>
     24 from tensorflow.python import tf2
---> 25 from tensorflow.python.data.experimental.ops import compression_ops
     26 from tensorflow.python.data.experimental.ops.distribute_options import AutoShardPolicy
     27 from tensorflow.python.data.experimental.ops.distribute_options import 

    packages\tensorflow\python\data\experimental\ops\compression_ops.py in <module>
     18 from __future__ import print_function
---> 20 from tensorflow.python.data.util import structure
     21 from tensorflow.python.ops import gen_experimental_dataset_ops as ged_ops

~\anaconda3\envs\mygpu\lib\site-packages\tensorflow\python\data\util\structure.py in <module>
     24 import wrapt
---> 26 from tensorflow.python.data.util import nest
     27 from tensorflow.python.framework import composite_tensor
     28 from tensorflow.python.framework import ops

~\anaconda3\envs\mygpu\lib\site-packages\tensorflow\python\data\util\nest.py in <module>
     38 import six as _six
---> 40 from tensorflow.python.framework import sparse_tensor as _sparse_tensor
     41 from tensorflow.python.util import _pywrap_utils
     42 from tensorflow.python.util import nest

~\anaconda3\envs\mygpu\lib\site-packages\tensorflow\python\framework\sparse_tensor.py in 
     26 from tensorflow.python import tf2
     27 from tensorflow.python.framework import composite_tensor
---> 28 from tensorflow.python.framework import constant_op
     29 from tensorflow.python.framework import dtypes
     30 from tensorflow.python.framework import ops

~\anaconda3\envs\mygpu\lib\site-packages\tensorflow\python\framework\constant_op.py in 
     27 from tensorflow.core.framework import types_pb2
     28 from tensorflow.python.eager import context
---> 29 from tensorflow.python.eager import execute
     30 from tensorflow.python.framework import dtypes
     31 from tensorflow.python.framework import op_callbacks

~\anaconda3\envs\mygpu\lib\site-packages\tensorflow\python\eager\execute.py in <module>
     25 from tensorflow.python import pywrap_tfe
     26 from tensorflow.python.eager import core
---> 27 from tensorflow.python.framework import dtypes
     28 from tensorflow.python.framework import ops
     29 from tensorflow.python.framework import tensor_shape

~\anaconda3\envs\mygpu\lib\site-packages\tensorflow\python\framework\dtypes.py in <module>
     30 from tensorflow.python.util.tf_export import tf_export
---> 32 _np_bfloat16 = _pywrap_bfloat16.TF_bfloat16_type()

TypeError: Unable to convert function return value to a Python type! The signature was
    () -> handle
  • I'm facing the same problem, did you get the solution?
    – Tiara
    Jan 11 at 12:51

First try to install each package one by one and you will be able to use it at once.

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