I've got an interesting problem that is somewhat related to this question. I have multiple values for a field that I want to check. For example, say I want to look for a document with the field name matching "bob" and "barker". Initially, I thought to do this:

db.TVHosts.find({ "name": { "$all" : 
   [ { "$regex": ".*bob.*" }, { "$regex" : ".*barker.*" } ] } })

The way to do it via the command line is to do this:

db.TVHosts.find({ "name": { "$all" : [ /.*bob.*/, /.*barker.*/ ] } })

But that didn't appear to work from Java. Is there some key piece of documentation that I've missed?

EDIT: I'm using MongoDB via the MongoDB Java Driver.

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As seen here, to send a Regex to MongoDB in Java you need to use Pattern.compile from java.util.regex.Pattern.

  • This is what I ended up using, thanks. – Pat Aug 10 '11 at 17:00

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