I want to edit code on server over VS code ssh. With public access server it works fine. I just connect to IP over ssh with my key by VS Code ssh extension. But now I want to edit code on private server that can be accessed over public one.

Over terminal connection process look like:

> ssh -i key [email protected] 
connected to public server
> ssh -i key [email protected] 
connected to private server

So how I can achieve that? This two servers hosted on EC2 Amazon.

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You can use SSH's feature ProxyJump to achieve this.

Press Ctrl+Shift+P and run command Remote-SSH: Open SSH Configuration File:

Open SSH Configuration File

Insert both hosts and add the ProxyJump directive to your private server:

Host PublicServer
  HostName 10.445.322.12
  User user

Host PrivateServer
  User user
  ProxyJump PublicServer

Afterwards you should be able to connect to PrivateServer directly from VS Code.


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