I have this function:

def text_to_html(text):
    Convert text into HTML
        text (): text to convert

        HTML string
    html = "<p>" + text.replace("\n", "<br>") + "</p>"
    return html

I'm trying to create a unit test for this function like this.

class TestDebtModules(unittest.TestCase):
    def test_html(self):
        string = """
        IS A TEST
        string_input = text_to_html(string)
        string_output = r'<p><br>THIS <br>IS A TEST <br>STRING<br></p>'
        self.assertEqual(string_input, string_output)

However. it's throwing an assertion error because it's adding extra characters in my string. Is this a known bug or is it me doing something wrong? (Hopefully the latter). If it happens to be the former, is there any workaround for this?

Expected :<p><br>        THIS<br>        IS A TEST<br>        STRING<br>        </p>
Actual   :<p><br>THIS <br>IS A TEST <br>STRING<br></p>

Your string is in """ a multiline string, which includes the spaces and newlines.

To remove those spaces, consider using a string with implicit newlines instead, like below:

string = "THIS\nIS A TEST\nSTRING\n"


string = ("THIS\n"
          "IS A TEST\n"

If you still wanted to use it in the same way, you could remove the spaces as below:

string = """
         IS A TEST
string = string.replace(" ", "")

However, this would also remove the spaces between words

  • Thanks. But if I run this in a normal script print(repr(string)), no strange characters are shown. Is there any way I could visualize them?
    – banana_99
    Nov 30 '21 at 0:12

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