I'm using NextAuth.js for Next.js authentication. Login works fine, but the page is still reloading on wrong credentials. It doesn't show any error. I need to handle error to show some kind of toast message.

signIn("credentials", {
      redirect: false,
      .then(async () => {
        await router.push("/dashboard");
      .catch((e) => {
        toast("Credentials do not match!", { type: "error" });

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When passing redirect: false to its options, signIn will return a Promise that only in email and credentials provider types resolves to an object with the following format.

    error: string | undefined // Error code based on the type of error
    status: number // HTTP status code
    ok: boolean // `true` if the signin was successful
    url: string | null // `null` if there was an error, otherwise URL to redirected to

You have to handle any errors inside the then block, as it won't throw an error.

signIn("credentials", { ...values, redirect: false })
    .then(({ ok, error }) => {
        if (ok) {
        } else {
            toast("Credentials do not match!", { type: "error" });
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    NextAuth v4.10.3 is not injecting the session on signIn success so the router.push('/dashboard') will be with session=null. To fix that, do a window.location.replace('/dashboard') which will trigger a full refresh. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. More details here github.com/nextauthjs/next-auth/issues/1264 Aug 21, 2022 at 5:39

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