I don't have access to the source code but only the .ipa file and I'm to confirm as the QA to the project the swift version used to develop the .ipa file, how do I? I can get the iOS version using this command on the terminal.

plutil -p Payload/MyData.app/Info.plist | grep DTSDKName

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In Terminal, you can access the folder containing your .ipa file and unzip it.

unzip YourApp.ipa

You'll get then a folder called Payload containing your app (XXXXXX.app)

Then change the directory to be able to list what is in your app :

cd Payload/XXXXXX.app/

Once in your app folder structure, you should be able to see the Info.plist file.

If the plist file is in the binary format, you can convert it to XML first by running:

plutil -convert xml1 Info.plist

Then open the file :

vi Info.plist

In this file you should find DTPlatformBuild and DTSDKBuild which will contain a Build number.

This build number can be then found following the below url to get the information about the Xcode version used and the SDK versions to build the .ipa and also the release notes for each Xcode version.


In the release notes, you should find a section for Swift details.

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