I created a boolean isStationSelected to know if the element is selected or not.

In which case I show a select button. The problem is that the value never updates.

I have tried plenty of solution, like this one or this article and many others, but none of theme worked.

I have tried some other solutions found on internet but no success, the value stay to the initial state.


    <div #station> 
        {{isStationSelected}} // always false
      [ngClass]="{'hidden': !isStationSelected, 'block': isStationSelected}">


  @ViewChild('station') station: ElementRef;

  public isStationSelected: boolean = false

    private renderer: Renderer2
  ) {
    this.renderer.listen('window', 'click', (e: Event) => {
      this.station.nativeElement.contains(e.target) ?
        this.isStationSelected = true :
        this.isStationSelected = false

I reproduced exactly what I have https://stackblitz.com/edit/ionic-angular-v5-cljwhp?file=src/app/app.component.ts

But I do not get the problem in stackblitz... I think this is beceause ionic on a device. But how to fix it, or to detect outside clicks ?

I also tried to use a toggle function

  toggle() {
    this.isStationSelected = !this.isStationSelected

Which works nice when it is not in an event listener like this.renderer.listen('window', 'click') or document.addEventListener("click") for exemple.

(If I use the toggle() function in a button on click it works fine)

The logs are always good, I mean this.isStationSelected as the value it should in the console, and the log fired is well displayed.

But the value does not change in front.

  • Seems to be working fine when clicking on the text, it shows the button: stackblitz.com/edit/…
    – AT82
    Nov 30, 2021 at 13:41
  • I use angular ionic, I will look more into that, I guess ionic has something to do with that
    – crg
    Nov 30, 2021 at 13:50
  • I cannot manage to reproduce it in stackblitz, I will try in multiple devices
    – crg
    Nov 30, 2021 at 14:10
  • It's been a really good while since I've worked with ionic. But if you are trying on device, most likely click event is not happening like it will in browser. So my suggestion is to looking into that. Probably need to capture some other event than click. But first to diagnose issue, set a console log inside that listener, run it on device and check the dev console if it actually fires
    – AT82
    Nov 30, 2021 at 14:17
  • I inspected it in the safari debugger, and it words, logs are well logged.. With the right value...
    – crg
    Nov 30, 2021 at 14:20

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How to detect outside clicks in ionic native APPs ?

I wrap a (click) event on the ion-content and the ion-header to detect all clicks and execute unselect().

  unselect(e) {
    if (this.button.nativeElement.contains(e.target)) return
    this.isSelected = false

On my button I simple execute my toggle function

  toggleSelect() {
    this.isSelected = !this.isSelected

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