Nginx proxy_redirect allows the use of variables such as $my_var and regular expressions, prefixed with ~.

But it seems impossible to use them both in combination. Is this possible, and what is the correct syntax for escaping meta-characters?

For example, I've tried:

proxy_redirect ~*https?://\\$proxy_host/(.*)$ /app1/$1
proxy_redirect ~*https?://\$proxy_host/(.*)$ /app1/$1
proxy_redirect ~*https?://$proxy_host/(.*)$ /app1/$1

Obviously the last example is incorrect, as the $ before proxy_host is interpreted as a regex meta character. But the two other examples don't work either. (They aren't recognized and so don't rewrite the Location header.

When I replace with just

proxy_redirect ~*https?://[^/]+/(.*)$ /app1/$1

the redirect works just fine.

The issue is that this will redirect even for external redirects, so is too inclusive.

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Variables and regular expressions are mutually exclusive.

To match both http and https you could just use two consecutive statements, for example:

proxy_redirect http://$proxy_host/ /app1/;
proxy_redirect https://$proxy_host/ /app1/;

Anything following the matched string is automatically appended to the replacement string, so a regular expression is not necessary needed.

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