I had installed nodejs before without nvm and then deleted it completely by uninstalling and deleting all files.

I am using windows 10.

It works when I use run powershell as administrator, but I am unable to use yarn in vscode.

PS C:\Users\laveen> nvm ls

No installations recognized.
PS C:\Users\laveen> nvm install 14.18.1
Downloading node.js version 14.18.1 (64-bit)...
Creating C:\Users\laveen\AppData\Roaming\nvm\temp

Downloading npm version 6.14.15... Complete
Installing npm v6.14.15...

Installation complete. If you want to use this version, type

nvm use 14.18.1
PS C:\Users\laveen> nvm use 14.18.1
exit status 1: Access is denied.

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run command prompt as administrator.


1.Run the same command as administrator command window like shown in image

2.nvm use 14.8.1

enter image description here

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    – garritfra
    Feb 23, 2022 at 11:06

First check node is properly install in your system

  1. Open CMD/Git CMD as administrator (Press Windows+R Type “cmd” and then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter)
  2. Check list of Node version ( nvm list )
  3. Use specific node version ( nvm use 17.7.1 )

enter image description here


My case with nvm-windows version 1.1.9: Switching node version requires elevated Powershell (run as administrator). It is recommended to use version 1.1.7 to avoid this issue.


The issue is you have run command prompt as administrator, then it will work enter image description here

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