I display my website in two languages: French and English. I built my sitemap and I realised instead of having in my sitemap.xml this:


I have :


I would like to remove the fr-FR string from my sitemaps because it causes a duplication of page which is bad for SEO. How can I do that? Also how to indicate canonical pages on an XML ?

Here is my i18n config:

i18n: {
    locales: ["fr-FR", "en-US"],
    defaultLocale: "fr-FR"

And my getStaticPaths look like this:

export async function getStaticPaths({ locales }) {

    const products = await fetchAPI(`/products`);
    const productsData = await products;

    const resProductsEn = await fetchAPI(`/products?${enTranslation}`);
    const productsDataEn = await resProductsEn;

    const paths = []

    productsData.map((product) => paths.push(
        { params: { slug : product.slug} }

    productsDataEn.map((product) => paths.push(
        { params: { slug : product.slug}, locale: 'en-US'}
    return {
      fallback: true

I use next-sitemap to generate my sitemap - next-sitemap.config:

module.exports = {
    siteUrl: process.env.FRONT_END_URL,
    generateRobotsTxt: true, 
    exclude: [
    robotsTxtOptions: {
        additionalSitemaps: [

A more concrete example:


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You can use the transform property in next-sitemap.js to remove the default locale from the generated paths.

module.exports = {
    // Other `next-sitemap.js` config here
    transform: async (config, path) => {
        return {
            loc: path.replace('/fr-FR', ''), // Remove `/fr-FR` from paths - could get value from i18n config to make it dynamic
            changefreq: config.changefreq,
            priority: config.priority,
            lastmod: config.autoLastmod ? new Date().toISOString() : undefined,
            alternateRefs: config.alternateRefs ?? []

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