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Does anyone know if an update for the Divi parent theme will also update Divi child theme function.php? My page is down with a fatal error and my last guess (not that that is set in stone - I am a newbie) is that maybe something went wrong when I updated to the latest version of Divi since everything works if I activate my Divi theme, but when I activate my child theme my page comes up with this fatal error :-/ page url dindigitalehjaelper.dk/det-offentlige/

  • Often errors are basically text, please share them as text, not images.
    – Guru Stron
    Dec 15, 2021 at 12:52

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if you are using Child Theme. Then you can update the Parent Theme without any worries. Because we create Child theme to store additional codes in it. So changes remains the same in Child Theme.

Also, in Divi > Theme Options > Updated > Rollback To Previous Version can help you in revert the changes and go back to the previous version if the updated version cause some issue/error.

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