I am trying to create an ActiveXObject (to use FieSystemObject) but it's only supported in IE.

Is there a way I can make it work in Chrome or FF? I need to read all the files in a specific given folder, and list those.

Well, is there another way to do it?


ActiveX is only supported by IE - the other browsers use a plugin architecture called NPAPI. However, there's a cross-browser plugin framework called Firebreath that you might find useful.

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    Since September 2015, NPAPI support was permanently removed from Chrome (link) – Alex Klaus Oct 10 '18 at 0:52

No for the moment.

I doubt it will be possible for the future for ActiveX support will be discontinued in near future (as MS stated).

Look here about HTML Object tag, but not anything will be accepted. You should try.


ActiveX is supported by Chrome.

Chrome check parameters defined in "control panel" / "Internet option" / "Security".

Nevertheless if it's possible to define four different area with IE, Chrome only check "Internet" area.

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