I have to identify at some place in my app that, whether my app is running in debug mode or live mode. Is there any function or piece of code available to check that. that returns true/false in either case on/off. if so, please help me out. Thanks in advance.


It is not clear from the question whether debug mode refers to:

  1. Whether the app is debuggable or not
  2. Whether the app is currently being debugged (e.g. over ADB)

The first is covered by CommonsWare's answer:

boolean isDebuggable = 0 != (getApplicationInfo().flags &= ApplicationInfo.FLAG_DEBUGGABLE);

The second is:

boolean isBeingDebugged = android.os.Debug.isDebuggerConnected()


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if (BuildConfig.DEBUG) {
  // here be thine debug statement

Works really well across eclipse and Android Studio.

The other ones mentioned here often throws runtime exceptions for me

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  • When i use the "Run" button it still shows DEBUG mode – Code Wiget Dec 11 '19 at 3:22

In case by "live mode" you mean signed for use on the play store, you can differentiate between the 2 states by checking the value of BuildConfig.DEBUG . Google has shown a video about it here

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