I do not use MongoDB before, after set everything up, my mongoDB has been hacked for 1 second, please help me answer my question: "how to secure my mongoDB?"

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To Secure MongoDB you need to :

  • enable security (in mongod.conf file),
  • create database user for authentication ,
  • you can change port 27001 (default) to any port like 27000 (in mongod.conf file)
  • you can add specific ip address to allow to connect and access your database (in mongod.conf file).

you need to find out mongod.conf and open it . (google it out where is mongod.conf is stored in your pc windows/mac/ubuntu)

  authorization: enabled

Shutdown the MongoDB instance on port 27001

mongo admin --port 27001 --eval 'db.shutdownServer()'

Restart the MongoDB instance with the new configuration

mongod -f mongod.conf

Create the first user on the admin database with the following

>use admin

  user: "USER_NAME_HERE",
  roles: [ { role: "userAdminAnyDatabase", db: "admin" } ]

example :

  user: "AdminUser",
  pwd: "57d49$4%0beqwe#adb4d",
  roles: [ { role: "userAdminAnyDatabase", db: "admin" } ]

after that run following to check user is authenticated

Syntax : db.auth( "USER_NAME_HERE", "PASSWORD_HERE" )

db.auth( "AdminUser", "57d49$4%0beqwe#adb4d" )

To Check Users :


It will return :

                "_id" : "admin.AdminUser",
                "userId" : UUID("31ccb892-d3ef-46b6-8ac1-2e9b5be11892"),
                "user" : "globalAdminUser",
                "db" : "admin",
                "roles" : [
                                "role" : "userAdminAnyDatabase",
                                "db" : "admin"
                "mechanisms" : [

Now your database is secured and only authenticated user can access it .

you can connect mongo with folowing :

mongo admin --port 27001 --username 'AdminUser' --password '57d49$4%0beqwe#adb4d'
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    Thank you much, this is my very first time using MongoDB! Dec 6, 2021 at 4:02

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