I'm trying to implement Gaussian Mixture Models refer to this article

But when I run my code, the error occurs:

GMM.py:123: RuntimeWarning: invalid value encountered in double_scalars
  self.gamma[i][c] /= np.sum([self.pi[k] * multivariate_normal.pdf(
array must not contain infs or NaNs

ValueError: array must not contain infs or NaNs

After debug, it seems that denominator is too small, making denominator become 0 and γ become [nan].

The code below is how I implement EM algorithm in GMM, and I use scipy.stats.multivariate_normal to implement the part of normal distribution:

X:(n_samples, n_features)
self.C: number of Gaussian
self.mu: mean, (n_clusters, n_features)
self.cov: covariance, (n_clusteres, n_features, n_features)
self.pi: mixing probability, (n_clusters)


def e_step(self, X):
    n_samples, n_features = X.shape

    self.gamma = np.empty((n_samples, self.C))

    for i in range(n_samples):
        for c in range(self.C):
            self.gamma[i][c] = self.pi[c] * \
                multivariate_normal.pdf(X[i], self.mu[c], self.cov[c])

            self.gamma[i][c] /= np.sum([self.pi[k] * multivariate_normal.pdf(
                X[i], self.mu[k], self.cov[k]) for k in range(self.C)])

def m_step(self, X):
        n_samples, n_features = X.shape
        n_clusters = self.C            
        N = np.sum(self.gamma, axis=0)
        mu = np.zeros(self.mu.shape)
        cov = np.zeros(self.cov.shape)
        for c in range(self.C):
            for n in range(len(X)):
                mu[c] += self.gamma[n][c] * X[n]
                cov[c] += self.gamma[n][c] * \
                    (X[n]-self.mu[c]) * (X[n]-self.mu[c]).T

            mu[c] = self.mu[c] / N[c]
            cov[c] = self.cov[c] / N[c]
            self.pi[c] = N[c] / len(X)

        self.mu = mu
        self.cov = cov

Are there any problem with my code? Or any trick I can use to prevent this error occurs? Thanks!

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