I am using react.js for Single Page Applications. routing codes are inside the src --> routes.js I have referred many pages for this one of the pages is https://blog.logrocket.com/adding-dynamic-meta-tags-react-app-without-ssr/ but I don't know where to implement this. I have done exactly what they mentioned but normally we are using "npm start" to run the front-end. even after doing " npm run server" it's showing listening on port 3000. but meta tag values are still like this "title_" .

please refer to any ideology to implement this.

this is the folder structure i have use

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We can use a react helmet to change the meta content dynamically on each page. In my case, I use the helmet on my header , because all the pages on the site have a header. from the header, we can change the meta content dynamically.


<meta name="title" content={"Your dynamic content"} />
<meta name="description" content={"Your dynamic content"} />
//your content

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