How to add jalali clock and calendar to erpNext? Is there a way to manually add the jalali calendar to ErpNext?


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You have to add lines to the below file.


An example is here for the Turkish calendar:

;(function ($) { $.fn.datepicker.language['tr'] = {
    days: ['Pazar', 'Pazartesi', 'Salı', 'Çarşamba', 'Perşembe', 'Cuma', 'Cumartesi'],
    daysShort: ['Paz', 'Pzt', 'Sal', 'Çar', 'Per', 'Cum', 'Cmt'],
    daysMin: ['Pz', 'Pt', 'Sa', 'Ça', 'Pe', 'Cu', 'Ct'],
    months: ['Ocak','Şubat','Mart','Nisan','Mayıs','Haziran', 'Temmuz','Ağustos','Eylül','Ekim','Kasım','Aralık'],
    monthsShort: ['Oca', 'Şub', 'Mar', 'Nis', 'May', 'Haz', 'Tem', 'Ağu', 'Eyl', 'Eki', 'Kas', 'Ara'],
    today: 'Bugün',
    clear: 'Temizle',
    dateFormat: 'dd.mm.yyyy',
    timeFormat: 'hh:ii',
    firstDay: 1
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    Merci. Thank you for your help
    – Jack Pate
    Commented Jan 20, 2022 at 21:48

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