Is there anyway to get the MONTHNAME() from just the number of the month (1-12)? For example if I have 6,7,8 is there any native way in MySQL to transform those into June,July,August?


You can use STR_TO_DATE() to convert the number to a date, and then back with MONTHNAME()


| June                            |

Warning: This could be slow if done over a lot of rows.

  • awesome. Thank you. – Hunter McMillen Aug 11 '11 at 13:58
  • thanks for the warning. The query I am doing only goes back a year or two, so max 24 rows. – Hunter McMillen Aug 11 '11 at 14:01
  • Perhaps could store month names in MEMORY table and INNER JOIN it. or apply that in application... – Dor Aug 11 '11 at 14:14

A somewhat ugly way would be SELECT MONTHNAME(CONCAT('2011-',8,'-01'));


Before reading Michael's great answer I had thought something like this

select elt(3,'January','February','March',....)

but his one is much better. :)


Such way you can get different language weekname or month name

to localize the weekday:

`SELECT ELT( WEEKDAY('2004-04-10')+1, 'Montag','Dienstag','Mittwoch','Donnerstag','Freitag','Samstag','Sonntag');`

long version with month:

`SELECT DATE_FORMAT( '2004-04-10', CONCAT( ELT( WEEKDAY('2004-04-10')+1, 'Montag','Dienstag','Mittwoch','Donnerstag','Freitag','Samstag','Sonntag'),', %d. ', ELT( MONTH('2004-04-10'), 'Januar','Februar','März','April','Mai','Juni','Juli','August','September','Oktober','November','Dezember'),' %Y'));`

--> Samstag, 10. April 2004

same for unix-timestamp:

`SELECT DATE_FORMAT( FROM_UNIXTIME(1081548000), CONCAT( ELT( WEEKDAY(FROM_UNIXTIME(1081548000))+1, 'Mo','Di','Mi','Do','Fr','Sa','So'),', %d. ', ELT( MONTH(FROM_UNIXTIME(1081548000)), 'Jan.','Feb.','März','April','Mai','Juni','Juli','Aug.','Sept.','Okt.','Nov.','Dez.'),' %Y'));`

--> Sa, 10. April 2004


try this: select monthname('2016-01-01') for January or select monthname('2016-03-01') for March

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