I have this react table in JHipster project:

<div className="table-responsive">
        {activePairsList && activePairsList.length > 0 ? (
          <Table responsive>
                <th className="hand" onClick={sort('id')}>
                  ID <FontAwesomeIcon icon="sort" />
                <th className="hand" onClick={sort('exchangeId')}>
                  Exchange Id <FontAwesomeIcon icon="sort" />
                <th />
              {activePairsList.map((activePairs, i) => (
                <tr key={`entity-${i}`} data-cy="entityTable">
                    <Button tag={Link} to={`${match.url}/${activePairs.id}`} color="link" size="sm">
        ) : (
          !loading && <div className="alert alert-warning">No Active Pairs found</div>

I would like to add search functionality. I want to add Filter by exchange to be present and when any exchange is selected the table should be filtered to show only data for the selected exchange. Do you know how this can be implemented?

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