We have an OAuth2 client app built by JHipster. The OAuth2 server doesn't fully implement the OAuth2 specifications and doesn't a user role information. To make this situation work on the app, we add a data entry into the jhi_user_authority table. With the change, the administration menu (note 1) shows up for the user. However, I have to comment out


in the SecurityConfiguration.java and comment out

@PreAuthorizat("hasAuthority(\"" + AuthoritiesConstants.ADMIN + "\")

for some methods in the UserResource.java (note 2) to make the admin role fully functioning.

It seems to me that the front end looks up a user's authorization based on the DB while the backend doesn't do so.

How to fix this inconsistent authorization lookup problem?


  1. I port the administration front-end code from a non-OAuth JHipster app to this app
  2. I port the PUT and DELETE methods from a non-OAuth JHipster app to this app

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