Does NUnit work under Visual Studio 2022? All of the setup instructions I can find relate to previous versions of Visual Studio and reference things that are not present (such as "Tools -> Manage Extensions menu in Visual Studio. Click on Online and enter the search term as NUnit Test Adapter" - the search yields no results). If it does work, how do I set it up?

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You can add both NUnit Framework and NUnit Test Adapter using NuGet Packages.

To do that, right click on your project in Solution Explorer, go to Manage NuGet packages..., in the Browse section type nunit, install NUnit package and the corresponding version adapter (NUnitTestAdapter for NUnit 2.x or NUnit3TestAdapter for NUnit 3.x).

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    It is also necessary to add the test adapter to every test project in the solution. This caught me out when migrating a project that had been created in an older version of Visual Studio where it only used to be necessary to add the adapter to the solution once. Feb 1 at 20:26
  • For more details also see the documentation.
    – CodeFox
    Apr 29 at 17:44

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