I have a multiarch docker image called someserver:5000/my_image:v1. It is uploaded to some local registry. Image has been made for 2 platforms: linux/arm64 and linux/amd64.

I want to rename this image to someserver:5000/my_release_image:v1. If it was a regular image I could just:

docker pull someserver:5000/my_image:v1
docker tag someserver:5000/my_image:v1 someserver:5000/my_release_image:v1
docker push someserver:5000/my_release_image:v1

But this is a multiarch image done by docker buildx build --platform <ARCHITECTURES> --pull --push ..., so while pulling it I get a revision for my architecture.

How can I retag a multiarchitecture image?

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While I was writing this post I've found a solution.

In the beginning I haven't really gotten how multiarch images are created and what are "manifests" in docker. I thought that some multiarch image someserver:5000/my_image:v1 is like a super-image, but first of all someserver:5000/my_image:v1 is a tag of repository my_image on someserver:5000 registry. There is some manifest that is tagged like this. And it "points" on one or several real images (Correct me if I'm wrong).

Docker manifests solution

Solution 1 (If your images are stored locally or online)

  1. (if online - skip this step) Let's assume that somehow you have 2 images on you local machine - someserver:5000/my_image:1 and someserver:5000/my_image:2. Push them into your registry:
docker push someserver:5000/my_image:1
docker push someserver:5000/my_image:2
  1. Unite them under one manifest someserver:5000/my_release_image:v1:
docker manifest create someserver:5000/my_release_image:v1 \
--amend someserver:5000/my_image:1 \
--amend someserver:5000/my_image:2 
  1. Push in into your registry:
docker manifest push someserver:5000/my_release_image:v1

Solution 2 (If you want too rename manifest)

Let's say that there is already a manifest with tag latest in my_image repository on your someserver:5000/ registry, but you want to "rename" it to someserver:5000/my_release_image:v1

  1. Get info about the tag
docker manifest inspect someserver:5000/my_image:latest

It will give you something like this:

   "schemaVersion": 2,
   "mediaType": "application/vnd.docker.distribution.manifest.list.v2+json",
   "manifests": [
         "mediaType": "application/vnd.docker.distribution.manifest.v2+json",
         "size": 1,
         "digest": "sha256:long_long_hex_number_1",
         "platform": {
            "architecture": "arch1",
            "os": "linux"
         "mediaType": "application/vnd.docker.distribution.manifest.v2+json",
         "size": 13735,
         "digest": "sha256:long_long_hex_number_2",
         "platform": {
            "architecture": "arch2",
            "os": "linux"
  1. Just create a manifest with digests not providing tags:
docker manifest create someserver:5000/my_release_image:v1 \
--amend someserver:5000/my_image@sha256:long_long_hex_number_1 \
--amend someserver:5000/my_image@sha256:long_long_hex_number_2
  1. Push in into your registry:
docker manifest push someserver:5000/my_release_image:v1
  1. Delete old manifest:
docker manifest rm someserver:5000/my_image:latest

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