I'm uploading a file (DOCX) to Uploadcare, then sending a convert request to convert the file to a PDF.

When I fetch the converted file with a GET request the content-type header is incorrectly set to application/octet-stream. The file conversion is working correctly (I am able to download the PDF file and open it) but when I try to render it in a WebView (i.e. on iOS via Safari) the document is just rendered as a string of gibberish characters. I believe the WebView is attempting to render the PDF file data as a regular text string.

When I fetch the original file the content-type header is set correctly.

I've tried fetching the converted file using the following URL schemas:

  • https://ucarecdn.com/${convertedFileUUID}/
  • https://ucarecdn.com/${originalFileUUID}/document/-/format/pdf/
  • https://ucarecdn.com/${convertedFileUUID}/document/-/format/pdf/ (gives a 404)

Does anybody have any ideas about how I can get the correct content-type header for a converted (PDF) file?


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