If I had a page type called "MySite.TextBox" and it had two fields: "Title" and "Content" what all would be required for me to make a view component that pulls all page types from the site searching from "/" and looking down to have it appear as a list of items in any view, including the layout view, using something like <vc: text-box-list > in a view, such as the _layout

What files would I need to create aside from the TextBoxList view component?

I know I'll need to make a generated code file for the MySite.TextBox page type. But it's where I set up and establish the rules for outputting the list that things get fuzzy.

For instance if I wanted to establish rules like:

var textBoxList = DocumentHelper.GetDocuments("MySite.TextBox").TopN(5).Path("/", PathTypeEnum.Children).OrderByAscending("Title").ToList();

Would that be a part of the view component or something else?

I would just really really love to have an example. I hate that the Dancing Goat and Medio Clinic sites do not have one.

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1. Follow the below to Create a widget -


2. Retrieves pages of multiple page types from the '/' section of the content tree:

var pages = pageRetriever.RetrieveMultiple(multiDocumentQuery => multiDocumentQuery
.Path("/", PathTypeEnum.Children));

Reference: https://docs.xperience.io/custom-development/working-with-pages-in-the-api#WorkingwithpagesintheAPI-Retrievingpagesonthelivesite

3. Retrieve Common data from multiple page types

var commondata=Pageretriver.RetriveMultiple(multiDocumentQuery=> multiDocumentQuery
.Select(page=> new <desiredobject name>

Reference https://docs.xperience.io/custom-development/working-with-pages-in-the-api/reference-documentquery-methods

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