I am facing problem to re-render the page when a variable changes in one class/widget (both parent and child widgets are stateful classes).

Here is how it goes: I have three buttons in one class which changes a variable state (foodCategory).

int foodCategory = 0;
// down in the elevated button body - i am updating the variable
setState(() {
          foodCategory = 1;});

While in the other widget, i am using this variable to perform certain actions:

for (var item in foodItems.values.elementAt(foodCategory))
                GestureDetector(........ and so on...

However in the second snippet, the widget dose not know if there has been a change and it is not calling the buildcontext again... I am not sure how to overcome this problem. I have tried valuelistenablebuilder but in vain. Maybe i dont know how to use it in the loop (i am using foodcategory as an int (iterator)).

  • you should use GETX, in getx you can update any widget using same controller Dec 13, 2021 at 13:02
  • Please share code that shows where do you use this for loop. If it is within the build method of the class that has foodCategory as member, setState should update. If it is in a different widget, you can do it for example with Provider and Consumer. Dec 13, 2021 at 15:13

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it happned to be that i was sing valuelistenable builder in a wrong way.

It is easy. Just mark the variable and changes as valueNotifier. In my case, i needed to mark foodCategory as a valueNotifer.

Than, i needed to wrap the Widget (in my case column widget) as ValueListenableBuilder. This solved my issue.

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