I use

  1. android emulator (memu).
  2. Drony - to install proxy for applications. (works socks5)

I need to change post request from application to server.

I am currently looking at traffic using the http toolkit. But this tool is inconvenient for me because there are many emulators

What I would like.

  1. View traffic in real time http: port
  2. Send a modified post request from the application to the server

Is it real or not?

scheme here

  • Instead using drony you should try different app which provides features to modify http request by replacing request method (GET/POST), adding custom http headers etc. To capture packet you may check tcpdump androidtcpdump.com Dec 13 '21 at 19:44
  • Can you explain what you mean by "this tool is inconvenient for me because there are many emulators"?
    – Tim Perry
    Dec 14 '21 at 13:26
  • I have a lot of emulators each with specific applications installed that use proxy through Drony. For simplicity, I want to change post requests. Ideal when I can parse traffic in real time through the browser line. http: port. Then change the traffic from the application to the server. This is in theory. But in practice, I don't know which way to move.
    – alex alex
    Dec 14 '21 at 15:12

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