I am getting below error after merging my code from separate local branch to 'development' branch:

Error while resolving instance for class 'okhttp3.OkHttpClient' - error: org.koin.error.BeanInstanceCreationException: Can't create definition for 'Single [name='OkHttpClient',class='okhttp3.OkHttpClient']' due to error : null

It's Working fine in my local branch. I am not getting error in that local separate branch.

To Use the Koin library I have done below code in my Application class :

private fun initializeKoin() {
    startKoin(this, listOf(appViewModelModule, appModule, appNetworkModule, databaseModule))

The Issue is the above error I am getting while running the application. What might causing the issue?

  • Add a code of module network. I guess problem in initialisation a client for koin graph.
    – Alexander
    Jan 12 at 22:00
  • 1
    your question incomplete to answer . Add the module file with question where you are building the dependencies .
    – ADM
    Jan 16 at 8:32
  • Add a code of appNetworkModule where actually you are using single. Jan 17 at 13:24


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