I want to add search param into this code. I tries this:

public Flux<ActivePairs> findAll(Pageable pageable, ActivePairsSearchParams params) {

        Criteria criteria = Criteria.from(Criteria.where("exchange_id").is(params.getExchangeId()));

        return activePairsRepository.findAllBy(pageable, criteria);


    public Flux<ActivePairs> findAllBy(Pageable pageable, Criteria criteria) {
        return createQuery(pageable, criteria).all();

    RowsFetchSpec<ActivePairs> createQuery(Pageable pageable, Criteria criteria) {
        List<Expression> columns = ActivePairsSqlHelper.getColumns(entityTable, EntityManager.ENTITY_ALIAS);
        SelectFromAndJoin selectFrom = Select.builder().select(columns).from(entityTable);

        String select = entityManager.createSelect(selectFrom, ActivePairs.class, pageable, criteria);
        String alias = entityTable.getReferenceName().getReference();
        String selectWhere = Optional
                crit ->
                    new StringBuilder(select)
                        .append(" ")
                        .append(" ")
        return db.sql(selectWhere).map(this::process);

But when I try to run the code I get exception:

    "ERROR","message":"Internal Server Error","service":"Unknown","version":"Unknown","requestID":"Unknown","host":"C02Z7C98LVCF","data":{"exception":"org.springframework.r2dbc.BadSqlGrammarException: executeMany; bad SQL grammar [SELECT e.id AS e_id, e.pair AS e_pair,e.otc_active AS e_otc_active FROM active_pairs e ORDER BY e_id ASC LIMIT 20 OFFSET 0 WHERE e.exchange_id = '1'];

$PostgresqlBadGrammarException: [42601] syntax error at or near \"WHERE\"\n\tat org.springframework.r2dbc.connection.ConnectionFactoryUtils.convertR2dbcException(ConnectionFactoryUtils.java:235)

Do you know how I can properly generate this search criteria?

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