type myType = { subtitle: string, title: string } | {};

const someVar: myType = { title: 'some-title', subtitle: 'some subtitle'}

const myTitle: string = someVar?.title;

I get this type error when I try to access title value from someVar object. Now, what I don't understand is why wouldI get this type error. I checked the documentation but I don't understand its implication. Union means I can specify possible types but here behaviour seems to be different. Any idea why's that

Property 'title' does not exist on type '{} | { subtitle: string; title: string; }'.
  Property 'title' does not exist on type '{}'.ts(2339)

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Now, what I don't understand is why wouldI get this type error.

Because {} doesn't have a property called title, and you've said that someVar's type is myType, which is either { subtitle: string, title: string } or {}. Since it might be {}, you can't access title without first making sure it's there. From the handbook:

TypeScript will only allow you to do things with the union if that thing is valid for every member of the union.

Accessing title isn't valid for {}, just { subtitle: string, title: string }.

To use title, you can use a type guard to narrow the type (details about narrowing here in the handbook):

if ("title" in someVar) {
    // ...you can use `someVar.title` (and/or `someVar.subtitle`) here...

Within that if body, TypeScript knows that someVar's type is { subtitle: string, title: string }, not {}, thanks to the condition.

captain-yossarian points out that this question's answers may be useful to read through as well, around how excess property checks apply to unions and the StrictUnion flag.

  • I think it worth adding quote from the docs about common fields. Also StrictUnion might help in this use case Dec 15, 2021 at 12:12
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    @captain-yossarian - Thanks! I was adding some docs links. I've also added a note about that question and StrictUnion. Dec 15, 2021 at 12:16

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