Looking further into the differences between Python and Ruby, is there a Ruby equivalent to SciPy, or what other scientific math gems are available for Ruby?

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There's nothing quite as mature or well done as SciPy, but check out SciRuby and Numerical Ruby.

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    SciRuby has actually been restarted: sciruby.com. There's also a matrix library (NMatrix) which handles sparse as well as dense. It's not finished yet. gem install nmatrix
    – Translunar
    Apr 24, 2013 at 21:11


Ruby Numerical Library is a linear algebra package using Blas and Lapack.


Site has some speed comparisons


Someone else mentioned NArray and Ara T. Howard's / @drawohara's SciRuby.

But there's also a new SciRuby project (proceeding with Ara's and Masahiro Tanaka's blessings) which includes a dense and sparse matrix gem, NMatrix. It's not finished yet, but it does basic stuff.

The SciRuby github account also has a bunch of other useful gems, including statsample (for statistics) and rubyvis (for visualization).


linalg https://github.com/wedesoft, installation instructions: http://www.quora.com/Installation-Instructions/How-do-I-install-Ruby-linalg-library-on-Mac

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