I installed pm2 with NPM without the global flag. Then I started the app with "npm start" that declared on package.json as

"start": "pm2 start index.js"

How can I stop it?

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You can access locally-installed pm2 with npx:

$ npx pm2 list
$ npx pm2 stop 0 # first app will have ID=0

But in general, I would manage it by attaching a name to the app. Let's edit your package.json:

"start": "pm2 start index.js --name my-app"
"stop": "pm2 stop my-app",
"logs": "pm2 logs my-app"

And then:

$ npm run start
$ npm run logs
$ npm run stop
  • Thanks! that make a lot of sense ha. I didn't put a --name to the start, so I guess it will need to be killed with "0"
    – CNK
    Dec 16, 2021 at 9:45

Oh, was easy as installing it globally

npm install pm2 -g

and then kill the process. I thought it will be a "different" thing

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