Apologies if this has already been asked, I have been developing a project based on AspNetBoilerplate and have a couple questions if someone has some time to point me in the right direction.

Firstly I have the requirement for a set of api's that communicate with specific tenants and would like to know the best way to handle this? The api call only contains the username so doesn't know the tenant prior to making the call and therefore doesn't know where to authorise prior to the call. I could obviously use the UserAccount (the api knows the email of the user) to grab the connection string and inject or grab the data directly, is this the designed way to handle this or am I missing a fundamental function? Or should I be doing something like switching authorisation and then grabbing/inserting the data?

Secondly id just like to know if there is an example ui for the edition/feature manager someone could share with me, I need to assign 'paid for features' to the tenants and from what I understand this is the way I should be doing this?

Many thanks for the help in advance guys, I know my questions are without code examples but I don't think there is a benefit to including them, by all means if you need an example request ill be happy to add. Also if the second question would be better served in its own thread i'm happy to remove it and create a new one, I just figured that it was very small and didn't really need its own post.

Kind regards, pXa

  • Please provide enough code so others can better understand or reproduce the problem.
    – Community Bot
    Dec 23, 2021 at 7:21


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