I'm pretty new to CouchDB. I have googled without finding a database viewer for CouchDB. How do you view a CouchDB database without manipulating the raw HTTP messages ?

Ideally, the tool would meet the following requirements :

  • Cross-platform (Windows or Linux mainly)
  • Desktop application or Web application
  • Allow editing of documents, databases etc

There is built-in web application that allows you to manage CouchDB instance -- http://guide.couchdb.org/draft/tour.html#welcome

And your question is very ambiguous. You ask for the web application as option but without "a classic browser" you cannot use it.


In case you don't find Futon very intuitive, please checkout CouchDB Query Explorer. The tool is aimed at providing an intuitive approach to configure & use. Define your own fields & filters. Querying is as simple as selecting one or more filters. For more information please visit here


  • It is better to attach the contents of the link briefly into your answer. – Lamanus Sep 14 '19 at 9:44

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