I'm working on an Android app. It's a QRCodeScanner, with Kivy and python. The code works fine on windows, but when I compile to Android, it doesn't recognize QRCodes, but it recognize only Barcodes. Here is my code

label = Label(text="", halign='left', valign='bottom', size_hint=(.5,.2))
x = Camera(play=True, index=0)
class MyCamera(App):
    def build(self):
        self.window = GridLayout()
        self.window.cols = 1
        Window.size = (360, 640)
        Clock.schedule_interval(self.update, 1.0 / 33.0)
        return self.window
    def update(self, dt):
        texture = x.texture
        size = texture.size
        pixels = texture.pixels
        pil_image = Image.frombytes(mode="RGBA", size=size, data=pixels)
        numpypicture = numpy.array(pil_image)
        decoded = pyzbar.pyzbar.decode(numpypicture)
        label.text = str(decoded)
        if len(str(decoded)) > 2:
            # do something

I also tried to use cv2, but it crashes at startup for something like "not compatible with android"

Buildozer.spec file

requirements =python3,kivy,pyzbar,Pillow,numpy

fullscreen = 1

android.permissions = INTERNET,CAMERA

this is all what I changed

Also, the camera is rotated by 90° on Android, but on windows works fine

Have you got any idea to solve? Thanks in advance

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I solved this issue in another post. I too needed to rotate by 90º and you are probably missing that the image is being mirrored. I hope it fixes your problem.

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