I have a requirement to pass data between 2 release pipelines (to trigger 2nd pipeline on completion of 1st pipeline).

Can we pass variables dynamically between azure RELEASE pipelines using trigger an Azure DevOps pipeline extension?

I tried this blog but unable to find/understand if we can use "output variables" to pass data between azure release pipelines.


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Thank you in advance!

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  • Output variables are created by the pipeline and referenced by the other tasks in the pipeline, it means they are dynamic and refers to the result of a particular task.
  • These cannot be defined statically.
  • After running the task in the pipeline, output variables value can be known. There are two different ways to create output variables :
  • By building support for the variable in the task itself
  • Setting the value ad-hoc in a script

Below example is defining a task with the name SomeTask that natively creates an output variable called out.

In a task within that same job, you can reference that variable using $(SomeTask.out).

- task: MyTask@1
name: SomeTask
- script: echo $(SomeTask.out)

For the detailed information regarding how to create output variables and pass between the pipelines, please refer azure devops output variables.

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