I tried to create fastapi application that uses websockets and could broadcast messages to all connected clients. I found out that it's not possible with websockets but found briliant library - socket.io. However I am not sure how could I use it and integrate it with my existing fastapi app.

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# server.py
from typing import Any

import socketio
import uvicorn
from fastapi import FastAPI

sio: Any = socketio.AsyncServer(async_mode="asgi")
socket_app = socketio.ASGIApp(sio)
app = FastAPI()

async def test():
    return "WORKS"

app.mount("/", socket_app)  # Here we mount socket app to main fastapi app

async def connect(sid, env):
    print("on connect")

async def direct(sid, msg):
    print(f"direct {msg}")
    # we can send message to specific sid
    await sio.emit("event_name", msg, room=sid)

async def broadcast(sid, msg):
    print(f"broadcast {msg}")
    await sio.emit("event_name", msg)  # or send to everyone

async def disconnect(sid):
    print("on disconnect")

if __name__ == "__main__":
    kwargs = {"host": "", "port": 5000}
    kwargs.update({"debug": True, "reload": True})
    uvicorn.run("server:app", **kwargs)
# client.py
import requests
import socketio

r = requests.get("") # server prints "test"
cl = socketio.Client()
cl2 = socketio.Client()

def foo(data):
    print(f"client 1 {data}")

def foo2(data):
    print(f"client 2 {data}")

cl.connect("") # server prints "on connect"
cl.emit("direct", "msg_1") # prints client 1 msg_1
cl2.emit("broadcast", "msg_2") # prints client 2 msg_2 and client 1 msg_2

At the end install proper dependencies:

# server.py
pip install python-socketio uvicorn fastapi
# client.py
pip install requests websocket-client
  • In case someone would like to see react client implementation, here you can find the example: stackoverflow.com/questions/70274482/…
    – kosciej16
    Dec 20, 2021 at 23:34
  • great and simple example - I liked it :)
    – Ben
    Mar 27, 2022 at 19:54
  • cannot import name 'socket' from partially initialized module 'socket' is what I get from this example May 26, 2022 at 20:11
  • This example doesn't even import socket. What library it came from? I guess you have some version mismatched.
    – kosciej16
    May 31, 2022 at 23:59
  • 1
    Oh good call... it looks like I had reworked it from another stackoverflow example and was importing sio instead of making a client. I missed the rewrite on that. Nice example guy. Jun 2, 2022 at 0:03

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