Is there a way to deploy a Spring Boot (JHipster) application with Hazelcast on an AWS ECS cluster that uses EC2 (not Fargate) and the network as "default" (Bridge network on Linux)? The idea is not to lose the automatic port mapping that only the default network provides in the Load Balancer's Target Group.

In the documentation there seems to be no way, is that right? https://github.com/hazelcast/hazelcast-aws#ecs-environment-with-ec2-discovery

I arrived here: https://github.com/hazelcast/hazelcast-aws/issues/11#issuecomment-390232993 but the referenced repository does not exist. We have this https://github.com/hazelcast/hazelcast-aws/issues/192#issuecomment-668542956 too

If there is no way, how to keep more than one task that needs Hazelcast synchronization (container) in the same service in ECS using EC2?

I've already tried several combinations of this configuration:

  cluster-name: prod-cluster
        enabled: false
        enabled: true
        region: us-east-2
        host-header: ecs
#    interfaces:
#      enabled: true
#      interfaces:
#        - 10.0.*.*

In fact, this is the same question here: https://github.com/hazelcast/hazelcast-aws/issues/192, but without answer at all...

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